Our Works

Our Works showcases our recent best works. For simplicity’s sake, we can’t list all the projects we worked on. A lot of our works also are backed by NDAs so we are not allowed to share.

We mainly build solutions for companies, from short scale to large scale. However, we still build websites and mobile apps. You have a project? Let us know and we’ll let you know if we can help or not. You can read what they say about us here.

Al Ihsaan Foundation

Al Ihsaan Foundation is one of the most recognized organization throughout the island and some in places around the world for their Funeral Services along with Humanitarian Aid to needy Countries. We have backed Al Ihsaan and helped with its hardware and security but we also built their mobile app which is available on both IOS and Android.

Category: Mobile Application


We have been working with Succexa from the very beginning of their professional embarkment. We built their website and will be deploying their custom-made ATS very soon.

Category: Website, Solution Design

Alfar Global Ltd

Alfar Global is among the leading cosmetics company in Mauritius. The cosmetics, from Turkey, is now being distributed across the islands through hard-working agents. We built their websites and a solution for them to handle their business.

Category: Website, Solution Design

Kler Optics

Newly Opened EyeCare outlet at Valentina Mall. They trusted our product, eXRP, and has been using it since launch to manage their business from customer, invoicing, product and appointment management.

Category: Solution Design


On its way to become one of the most successful air conditioning suppliers in the island, Freair trusted us with its website and social media management. We take care mostly of its website now.

Category: Website

Mr Salami

One of the best processed meat outlet in the Indian Ocean, Mr Salami came to us for their website with delivery management. We are still in the process of finalizing things, and it’s mostly complete.

Category: Website